16th Century German Style White Apron with Honeycomb Smocked Pleating and Drawn-Work Hem-Stitch

This is my first ever SCA A&S project I started in 2019, I created and documented this apron for my Barony and Kingdom A&S competitions in early 2020. It is a white medium weight linen apron, inspired by early 16th c. aprons from central Europe, particularly what is now Germany. I also was inspired by my SCA peers and other aprons I have seen recreated. Visit my article “Was it Actually Honeycomb Smocking on 16th c. German Clothing – The Great Debate!” for a discussion on the appropriateness of honeycomb smocking. The documentation is below, please note I am a beginner with research documentation in the SCA, the item did well at the baronial level and medium at my kingdom competition. If you want to use or discuss any information in it, feel free to contact me.

Front view of Apron
Drawn-work hem
Cross section of removed fibers for drawnwork
Materials used
Finalizing Honeycomb Smocking
From view of Apron
SCA Event set up

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