Early 16th c. Green German Family Garb

In 2015, I made matching cotton, velveteen green outfits for my family. The adult woman’s gown is loosely based on German region style gowns of the early 16th century. The baby and men’s garb took some liberties

Baby garb!
Doublet under construction.
Green velveteen doublet and pants.
Pleated and Smocked baby chemise, gold embroidered pleat-work.
Black velveteen hat hat twith ostrich feathers.
Attaching the skirt one knife pleat at a time to the bodice.
The green dress laced in the back for adjustments.
Baby garb skirt before attaching to the bodice
Finished linen doll with painted face and matching outfit.
Hooks and eye closure in the front.
Baby garb bodice.
Handmade linen baby doll to match green baby garb.

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