Child’s Red Wool Trossfrau / Kampfrau Dress

This dress is a mini version of the adult trossfrau dress on this site, made right after in 2019. This dress is based on Lansknecht woodcuts of trossfrau (ladies in the tross) from 1520-1530s ( “Landsknecht Woodcuts: Kriegsvolker im Zeitalter der Landsknechte” and woodcut images on Pinterest board).

It is a similar construction to the adult version on this site; however, I created a band in the skirt with slashes showing a white linen layer underneath. There is a tutorial on Whilja’s Corner showing the method I used for slashing. Initially, I did not attach the wool slashes to the linen, and I had to rework that when it filled up with dirt after a dusty event. I also reworked the trim on the bodice while I reworked the other dress in late 2019. At that time, I also added a black band to the very bottom to account for vertical growth.

Skirt band with X petal-shaped slashes with white linen layer showing.
X Petal slashes in the sleeve with pinprick stitch securing the edges.
Finished dress with original trim.
LPT 2019 dresses
Several dress at an SCA event.
16th c. German dresses
Side view of the red trossfrau gown.
Mini Trossfrau dress in action!
Landsknecht hat
Black wool hat with linen slashes and ostrich feathers to match the outfit.
16th C. Red Wool Girl Trossfrau Garb
Mini Trossfrau dress fromt view with hat and reworked trim.

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