Update – The Brick Red 16th c. German Dress (Used to be The Bumble Bee)

In Spring 2022, I needed a light dress for the warmer events. I made a lovely yellow dress using a light wool and cotton blend fabric, a.k.a. Virginia cloth. I used a similar design as the underdress in the Blue 16th c. Southern German Townswoman’s Gown post. This dress can be worn solo in warm weather or as an under-supportive dress. I did not record my process all that well; however, I thought I’d share the pictures anyway. As of 2023, the dress is not really supportive anymore due to a little weight loss, and a support garment under it is now required.

Now it’s Red!

I needed a warm-temperature outfit for an event in May 2023, and I did not have time to make something new. I decided to open the sleeve seams and attach the sleeves. I made a seam along the back and added much longer black guards. I had never wore this dress as an undergone anyway. I then dipped the whole dress in red acid dye; because it is mixed fibers, the dye took to each fiber slightly differently. I’m much happier with the sleeves attached, and I like the color.

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